Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Friday, September 18, 2009



EMPLOYMENT IN A COMPANY IN CANADA: In this category, If I am employed by any canadian company,what type of visa will I be given to enable me travel to canada?

While in canada working, will the company allow me to study and work with them?How many years visa will I be given if employed?

ANSWER: You will be given a work visa once you get a company to issue u letter of employment, the Canadian embassy right in your country will give you visa to move to Canada and work. You will also be given a work permit so you don't need to be bothered about how many years or months visa that will be issued to you once you find yourself in Canada you might even decide to get another job and nobody stops you, the important thing is getting to Canada first.


STUDY IN CANADA: In this category,how long will it take to process study permit and visa to canada when given admission letter? Is there anything like free tuition or tuition free schools in canada?

ANSWER: Visa issuance might take only one month but study permit might take 3 months or more so you apply for study permit ahead of time before the month your semester begins.Use the website provided on the ebook you bought to locate so many schools in Canada you will certainly find so many tuition free schools.Some of my clients have found very cheap schools or tuition free schools which they used to travel.

Yes schools in Canada allow you a certain percentage of time to work while schooling, infact you might even get a job right there in the school, it is very easy to do all these things once you are there.