Saturday, January 28, 2017

Study And Work In Canada – Good News For You

If your dream is to study in Canada you now have cause to smile as the Canadian Government have put so many advantages in your favour to ensure you maximize this opportunity.
First, I like to let you know you can travel with your wife or husband including kids if you secure admission to study in a school in Canada. It is hundred percent allowed. In fact you can apply for an open work permit for your spouse so that when the two off you land in Canada he or she will be eligible to work in Canada while you the principal applicant will also be studying and working in Canada.
As the principal applicant all you need to do to work in Canada with your student visa is to apply for a study permit when you submit your application for visa to study in Canada. In Canada you will be issued an off campus work permit to enable you work off campus & combine your study with work. You can also work within the campus if you so desire.
Secondly, note that you are now allowed to apply for Express Entry as an international student studying in Canada & you will even get additional points for studying in Canada – what an advantage, you can’t afford to miss this.
Again after graduation you are allowed 2 years to work in Canada & if you are smart you would have gotten your permanent resident (PR) visa before the end of this 2 years so there will be no need of returning back to your country.
Finally, about scholarship or financial assistance while studying in Canada be aware of the fact that most higher institutions in Canada allows you to apply for scholarship or financial assistance of some sort after you must have secured admission in their school – what a wonderful news for those of you whose dream is to study and work in Canada. You can make this dream a reality.
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