Sunday, April 10, 2016


Do you know that you can now travel to Canada in six months or less than 1 year through through the express entry visa application. Previously this application used to last up to 2 to 3 years before your permanent resident card (PR CARD) is finally issued. However, there has been a wonderful change in the way applications are handled in a way that so many people who are smart and informed about this will certainly use this opportunity to HIT Canada.
There are so many categories of people that can be considered under the express entry visa:
·        Education certificate not needed but you have to have any form of skill like electrician, plumber, welder, mechanic, operator, pipe fitter, other skills, etc 
·        Another category is school certificate holder or if you have completed secondary school you can apply
·        First Degree holder, masters or PHD holders can also successfully apply.
·        Other categories like entrepreneurs, investors, sports men and women, farmers can as well apply.
We have completely packaged all the secret for you in the Ebook “HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY” plus we can help you to apply if you so wish

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