Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling To Canada

Question 1
Is my country Degree or Certificate accepted in Canada?
If you travel with visiting visa from your country and on getting to Canada you no longer want to go back to your country but you want to work that is when your certificate or degree is not recognized. This is because you don’t have a valid work permit from your country. You only came as a visitor. You can still work, however, it will not be a legally recognized job that suite your status. What to do to solve this problem?  You apply for a refugee status and wait to be considered. Once you are considered you will eventually be allowed to work with your certificate and enjoy your stay in Canada. Alternatively, before you travel to Canada make sure you secure job through the agencies or companies you find on the guide/ebook and that prompts the Canadian embassy to issue you work permit and visa which enables you to travel to Canada and work with your certificate or degree as the case might be.
Question 2
Are there jobs for school certificate holders, OND holders and unskilled workers?
Yes, there are so many types of job available. While some jobs require certification (e.g safety certificate), several other jobs don’t need any form of certification. Some employers do offer training for new employees.
Question 3
If I secure a job where will I sleep or stay for the main time since I don’t know anybody in Canada?
If a company hires you and issues letter of employment for you to come and work, they will provide you with accommodation or money for accommodation and other things immediately you get to Canada. Even if you don’t want to take the company accommodation don’t let that bother you, what you should be concerned about is landing in Canada successfully. Even the taxi driver that picked you from the airport can take you to a cheaper hotel you can afford till you earn your first salary and rent a house. Remember you have an immigrant visa and you are legally qualified to rent a house in Canada, so fear not. Just be confident. You can even decide to change job on getting to Canada, you already have a work permit and nobody is stopping you.
Question 4
How long does it take for a work permit to be issued in my country?
It takes between 6 to 8 weeks for your work permit and visa to be processed by the Canadian embassy, and after that you can travel.
Question 5
After I get a job can I apply for admission so I can study?
Yes, on getting to Canada and you decide to apply for admission, there’s nothing stopping you. Check the ebook, there are so many schools on it that you can apply for admission. Contact the director of studies of the school or the admissions officer, get there application form and make your applications for admission while you are still comfortably working in Canada. When your acceptance letter and admission letter is ready, take permission from your company and go back to your country and apply for student visa and study permit, once the embassy issues you the student visa and study permit you can head back to Canada and continue with your job while also schooling. You can let your company know that you have gained admission so that they will assist you combine your schooling with your job or even offer you some kind of financial assistance since you are already working for them.