Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Your No 1 Guide To Traveling To Canada
Pls Read below:
  • Don’t Fill 2 or 3 months on the visiting visa form, ask for 2 or 3 weeks to eliminate suspicion. They will still give you minimum of 3 months. When you get to Canada you can then apply for extension of stay or refugee status.
  • If you filled on the visa form that you are 32 years make sure that you calculate the year that people who are 32 years are born so as to be ready to maintain that you are 32 years if they suddenly call you up on the phone while they are still processing your visa and ask for your age. Maintain your truth or lie. Period!
  •   Don’t ever tell the embassy that you are jobless in your country or that your salary is $200 or twenty thousand naira. They will look down on you and find a reason to deny you visa. Even if you are poor pretend to be ok in Naija until you grab your visa.
There are so many things you need to do to force the embassy to expressly stamp your international passport “VISA GRANTED”
Remember, you need not visit the embassy, DHL or any courier service will handle everything what you need to know is 1) where is the form that you need to fill for Canada visa? 2) what are the things you need to fill on this form so that you will increase your chances of getting visa and avoid visa rejection? 3) what are the necessary documents that you need to include as you mail your international passport to the embassy? Plus many more……..
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An easy to follow, step by step guide with links to all the necessary forms and everything you will ever need to move to Canada easily.

Also on the guide/ebook is:
  • Guide to securing job in Canada (work visa).
  • Guide to applying successfully for Canada skilled worker programs and immigrating with your permanent resident card with your family.
  • Guide to schooling and working in Canada.

Monday, April 14, 2014


What you need to study in Canada is your student visa. If your plan is to work and school there at the same time, then when applying for student visa also apply for STUDY PERMIT. Study permit is just the same thing with work permit. The only difference is that it is issued only to students who intent to work and school in Canada at the same time. It is optional. If your parents are millionaires and don't want you to work in Canada but face your studies you can skip study permit and apply only for student visa. I hope you follow.

take note of this:
Study permit is nearly similar to a work permit except that this particular document is given to students that secured admission in Canada. This is to enable them combine schooling and working when they get to Canada. Without your study permit as a student you will still study successfully in Canada, however, you will not be allowed to work legally in Canada. That is why your study permit is very essential as a student so you don’t have to depend on your parents back in your country to be sending you money for up keep.
How can you find out about everything you need to know about studying and working in Canada successfully,
·        list of companies and placement (recruitment) agents to apply to,
·        list of schools to apply to,
·        how to secure the job,
·        how to secure admission to schools in Canada successfully,
·        visa application forms and complete guide to applying successfully;
·        several other matters of interest like immigration to Canada programs,
·        community nomination program etc.,
The ebook/guide: HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY” has all the answers and will reveal everything you need in an easy to understand way.
An easy to follow, step by step guide with links to all the necessary forms and everything you will ever need to move to Canada easily.