Monday, March 11, 2019

Traveling To Canada – 5 Wonderful Ways You Can Make It Happen

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Today I would like to educate you on some of the various ways you can make it to Canada. There are basically two types of visa: non immigrant visa and immigrant visa.


You can travel to Canada through tourist/visitor visa, work visa and also study and work visa. I call it study and work visa because if you apply to study in Canada, Canadian Government permits international students to combine their study with work, hence if you are admitted by a school in Canada for more than 6 months you are given a type of visa that allows you to combine your studies with work while you are in Canada. They are called non immigrant visas. However, so many people will end up converting to an immigrant visa by doing the appropriate thing after they are in Canada.


You can travel to Canada through Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program. These are classified under what is called immigration to Canada programs. They are called immigrant visas.

I will now give little explanation about each one of them.


You can travel to Canada through tourist visa or visitor visa. It could be for holiday, vacation, business, crusade, seminar, pleasure visit, etc. You will normally be given 3 or 6 months visa even if you applied for a 2 days visa. You are expected to go back to your country after the expiration; however, if you did not go back or rather do not want to go back there are so many ways you can handle it to ensure a successful stay in Canada.


Another way you can move to Canada is through work visa. If your wife or husband is studying in Canada it makes it easier because you do not necessarily need to secure a job before applying for work permit. You can join your spouse in Canada through visitor visa but with an open work permit which qualifies you to work 100% in Canada throughout the duration you are in Canada.

If you don’t have a wife or husband in Canada not to worry there’s a way out. All you do is locate dedicated and genuine job placement agencies in Canada that can assist you with job placement so you can use it to apply for your work visa. You don’t necessarily need to pay them for this service. Our guide book, ‘HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY’ has comprehensive information about job placement agencies, companies hiring in Canada including how to apply to them and lobby for jobs that can enable you apply for work visa.


You can move to Canada through study programs. You can apply for a diploma, undergraduate or post graduate programs and use it to relocate to Canada. When you get to Canada you combine your studies with work and during holidays you can work full hours. Many schools in Canada allow international students to apply for scholarship or financial aids to enable them supplement their school fees and study expenses. You can get comprehensive information about studying and working in Canada from our best seller guide book, ‘HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY.’ You can also contact us any time after purchase if you have any questions or need us to help you out in any way.


You can also go to Canada through the Express Entry program. All it takes is finding out how to apply for the Express Entry visa program and applying. Once you are selected you can go to Canada and work. If you are married at the time of application you are advised to include your spouse and children in the application. When the application is completed you will relocate to Canada with your family as a permanent resident in any of the regions in Canada.


You can also travel to Canada with your family by applying for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). You can apply to go to Canada through any of the regions in Canada like Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, etc. PNP is another wonderful way of relocating to Canada. If selected by a region you are qualified to study, work, own property and have complete right as a permanent resident in that region. While PNP is regional application, Express Entry is a Federal application. Both are great and wonderful ways you can make it to Canada. You can learn more about how these things work including how to apply from our guide book, ‘HOW TO TRAVEL AND WORK IN CANADA LEGALLY.’ After getting, it you can also contact us for question any time or if you need any assistance.

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My name is Benson ! Good evening Sir how are You and Your Family Sir ? How much will he cost me to process to live and work in Canada ? And l am a Single brother not yet married .

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